24 November, 2011

Off we go camping again.

We're off camping today. School finishes at 12 and we're hoping to drive off soon after that, very soon, because it's going to take a while to get there and then we have to get the tent up before the sun goes down at 4.30!

A few differences to when we last went camping three months ago:
  • it is unlikely that we'll be bothered by mosquitoes or sunburn
  • we'll have a quite a bit less daylight (sun gets up at 6.25am)
  • it will be considerably colder (Forecast: 14 degrees C max, 2 degrees C min)
  • therefore we won't be swimming
  • and we have more clothes packed
  • hopefully the trees won't all be rid of their leaves and we'll get a feast for our eyes on autumn colours
  • thunderstorms aren't forecast, in fact there is 0% rain forecast!
  • we're going to an autojo. Which means we can park right next to our tent! Less set-up time!
  • it is a powered campsite, but we don't have much that needs powering, though we are taking a heater to warm up the inside of the tent, if necessary
  • we're going south then west, but will end up west of where we camped last time
  • we'll be about 50km north-north-west of Mt Fuji
This is our route to Hokuto-shi, Yamanashi-ken. Can you see we go south then a sharp turn west? It is possible that the drive south on ordinary Tokyo roads will take us just as long as the longer drive west on an expressway, such is life in Tokyo.
 I'll take lots of photos and be back on Saturday to report on how much fun we had! We're pretty wound up at present, so we're hoping this will be just the thing to help de-stress.

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Karen said...

Enjoy yourselves. Hope the weather is kind.