31 January, 2017

My flexible day

A quick photo on my way to school to pick up our son for his
appointment. They were up to number 7 when I left and onto 9 by the
time we got back. I'm so thankful for an easily accessible doctor.
Oh, and the consult, X-ray, and light splint only cost us
200 yen, or about AU$2.20!
Today's a bit of a crazy day. I had it all planned out, but that got tipped on its head when we realised that our youngest son's "sore thumb" that he incurred on Saturday during warm-up for wrestling, wasn't resolving. So we decided that I should take him to the doctor this morning.

I'd previously had a loose plan of catching up with a friend from the US who was "in town" just for a couple of days, and then having coffee with another friend . . . all before lunch. It turns out the second friend had some medical issues suddenly to deal with herself, so that plan was ditched.

Our son would have rather gone to the doctor after school, but after school was already booked. I'd made "elaborate plans" to go to a high school wrestling dual on the south side of town (about an hour away) and arranged for our younger two to hang out at a friend's house.

So my morning looked like this:

9.35 Left the house to go and "get in line" at the orthopaedic doctor before I collected my son from school. They thought it was quite normal for me to do such a thing, gave me a number and told me to get my son and come back as fast as possible, as was my plan. It was a little risky, but it worked perfectly.

10.05 I was back in the doctor 's waiting room with my son.

Today it's back into usual winter temps, and I've got my
scarf, jacket, gloves and ear muffs on again.
Beautiful sunshine, though!
10.15 In to see the doctor, who diagnosed a ligament strain/tear at the MCP joint (base of thumb) and provided a removable splint to allow healing. This is the end of his wrestling season as it will take several weeks to heal. However the season is over on Saturday anyway, so he's not too disappointed, in fact he's keen to go and support his team mates, which I think is awesome.

10.30 I got home and grabbed my bike, riding to the house of a friend who was holding an "open house" morning tea for our mutual visiting friend. This visiting friend had had to leave suddenly last summer and I hadn't been able to say goodbye in person. It was wonderful to have some "closure" on that.

12.00 Morning tea morphed into lunch as various ladies (mostly associated with CAJ) came and went. We moved to a nearby Japanese restaurant. It was lovely to just sit and catch-up with people I don't see that often.

2.00 Back home again, catching up on some email and other matters before heading off to wrestling for the evening.

3.45 I will leave for wrestling in the team bus (with my husband driving). It will be a fun way to spend the evening, but I will be tired by the time I get home at around 9pm.

It's been good that I don't have a tonne of pressing work at present and could feel free to be a bit flexible with my use of time. I also was able to have a couple of very encouraging exchanges with our youngest son . . . a continuation of the quality time we had on Saturday. So satisfying!

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