04 January, 2017


I love calendars. My preferred schedule keeper is a full month calendar page, even the portable diary I keep in my bag is a full month to a page. I like to have a bigger picture in mind as I try to keep my and my family's schedule at a reasonable pace.

But I also love the changing scenes of photographic calendars: amusing, beautiful, nastukashii (Japanese for a good memory, nostalgic), inspiring etc.

We scored a lot of calendars this year and I did a tour round the house to take photos of them for you.

This was a freebie from a local shop where we buy some of our meat. The cover sheet was entirely raw meat. Something that would cause my boys to start salivating! Thankfully this page is a little more balanced. And yes, I put it up in our kitchen.

An Australian friend teaching in Cambodia sent us this beautiful little prayer calendar.

This is a standard in our downstairs toilet. It's a little cringe-worthy: why does a Japanese calendar have white kids on it? But it's useful (as is the one above) to keep in touch with the Japanese public holidays. CAJ's holidays don't often coincide and it's easy to get mixed up.

A lovely calendar with photos from our home state. This is a natsukashii-kind of calendar. It also has information on it about school holidays and public holidays in Australia, a little connection with "home".

A pretty one that I can see from my desk.

This we gave to our middle son and is in his bedroom, photos from Japan.

This is a new attempt to keep a track of our increasingly busy family. With columns for each member of the family (though the first column I am sharing with the "family" schedule).

And this is the most important calendar and sits on my right side next to my computer. It's the master copy of what's going on from my perspective. It's got my schedule on it plus family and school stuff. Most of what's on this is also on the calendar in my bag so that I can schedule things when I'm out as well. This year it is a Psalms calendar with photos from Israel. Excellent!

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-J said...

Love your calendars! That's a tricky bit that I think took me awhile to figure out - you need to make sure you have a calendar from both of your countries to keep up with holidays and special days.