30 January, 2017

A touch of spring

Out and about without all my external winter layers. I felt a
little naked. My hair is a bit haywire today, actually I've not been
happy with it ever since my last haircut. Had a great conversation
with the hairdresser, but she didn't do a super job on the cut.
Maybe it's time for another cut.
The weather today has gone a little spring-like. It's barely been above 10C since Christmas, so today's 14C feels positively warm! I've just been out to get the groceries on my bike without my winter jacket, gloves, scarf, or ear muffs. I even shed a layer on my legs, putting on a knee-length skirt over my leggings instead of long pants.

Wow. I know that temperatures are going to go low again, after all it is only January. But it's worth appreciating nonetheless.

I don't enjoy winter here. Wearing so many layers, and bracing myself every time I have to undress. It actually gets pretty boring, with little flexibility in what I can wear.

I'm thankful that January-February are so busy with wrestling that I don't have time to be too depressed about the chilly weather. I am also thankful that we no longer live in Sapporo. Though inside is much warmer there, winter is much longer and harsher. Living in snow half the year is hard work!

But today truly does illustrate how relative temperatures are, and how our bodies adjust. In a Brisbane winter, 14C would be a cold day! Indeed, in September, here, 14C would be a cold day. Isn't it amazing how we can get used to different conditions.

This is my new "in-between" skirt, that I bought last week.
 It is fleecy on the inside and quite warm, though it's not warm
enough for under 12C, for those temperatures I need two layers all the way to my feet. 
Hence I call it an
"in-between" skirt: between summer and winter.


Ken Rolph said...

You lucky dog. Dressed like that in Western Sydney today you would boil. We are about to have out hottest January since about 1895. Runs of 10 days above 30C. Six days this month above 40C. Yesterday it was 45C in our backyard. A lorikeet fell out of a tree in front of me.

Wendy said...

Don't worry, we'll be there soon enough, Ken! Take care.