16 January, 2017

Slice of heaven on Friday mornings

I wondered what I was going to write about today. After two posts full of wrestling (and a head full of wrestling) it is hard to think of anything else! But this photo was posted on Facebook today and it's perfect.

These are some of the praying mums at CAJ. First-up on Friday mornings I often go to an all-school parent prayer meeting, schedule and workload permitting. Sometimes I struggle with wanting to go, prayer is never easy. But I'm usually blessed by praying with others. Here we have a slice of heaven from last Friday (except the lone man is behind the camera at this moment): six nationalities—Japan, USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, Korea, Philippines, and Australia. And often at least Japanese and English, if not Korean can be heard as we pray together.

I can imagine that if I had never left Australia (something that is actually quite hard to imagine), at this stage in my life most of my friends would have been very similar to me. Moving away from all that was familiar when I was 27 was super difficult, like a form of death. However what an amazing life God's given me in exchange. I'm so thankful that I'm constantly challenged by being surrounded by people who have such different backgrounds to me. Not easy at all, but really good for me. 

The one thing all of the above ladies share is faith in the Lord of the Bible. That is a huge common bond.

Oh, and I was not wearing a red skirt. That is my jacket, warming my legs.

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