29 September, 2016

Leaves are falling

Autumn is definitely here, even if we're being teased a little. Maximum temperatures in our area have teetered between the low 30s and even down to low 20s (Celsius) in September. Minimums have been more stable, around high teens to mid 20s. There is definitely an early autumn feel, though we are still often wearing t-shirts and shorts (some of us more than others). 
The humidity has been very high and we've had many rainy days this month with very little sun. When I showed you a photo of the beautiful blue sky a few weeks ago I didn't explain how infrequently that happens here. When it does it reminds us of Queensland, with its many blue-sky days.
But leaves are also starting to turn and fall. Check out these sakura (cherry blossoms). The top photo was in mid-August and the bottom this week. Definitely thinning out.

Now I'm fighting the feeling that Easter is just around the corner, because growing up that was the progression of things: summer holidays then school started then cooler weather gradually crept up on us and then Easter. Though this is my 12th autumn in the northern hemisphere, still struggle to line up my instincts with the seasons.

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