10 September, 2016

Cross country season begins

Today we started the mega school year of sports. The only year we'll have three boys involved in interschool sports. They can't do this until they are in middle school at CAJ (though of course our youngest son already and unusually has done this twice last year during the wrestling season).

This is the sixth season of cross country we've been privy to in seven years (we missed the year we were in Australia, of course). Our eldest (currently grade 12) started running in sixth grade too. It's great to see him sticking with the sport even though it's not what he's best at. 

So it felt right, heading out early this morning. Indeed it is hard to contemplate being here and not going with the boys to cross country, though we'll probably have to face that one day. With sporty kids our lives have a predictable routine to them at this point in our lives that involves lots of Saturday sport. Cross country in September and October. Wrestling from December through to February, and track and field from late March to May. November is a cruisy month!

It's been great to see them all involved, though our middle son was very disappointed to have to pull out of running today with an injured ankle. It was particularly satisfying to see our youngest run. He's been dragged along to his brothers sporting events for six years now as a spectator. Hard for the boy that has the largest dose of competitive zeal of all our boys. With him just starting, this year is the midpoint of this sporting-spectatorship role of being parents. At least six more years to go after this one. Good thing we enjoy it. But as you can see it is a gorgeous venue, especially when you consider this is Tokyo!

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