21 September, 2016


This week in September has been a week of celebrations for nearly two decades of my life now. 19 years ago yesterday David and I got married and five years later our second son was born in the same week as our anniversary. David's birthday is also next week, so it often is a busy time.

Here's our teenager's cake: It seems he's still okay with "themed" cakes, as long as he gets to eat them. Design credit goes to the maths teacher in the house (I just baked a rectangular cake and he made this out of it, and used almost all the cake)!

Our newly 14 year old doesn't like parties, but it happy to celebrate with the family. He loves chocolate, though! So on Sunday we went to a local Chocolate Cafe for morning tea after church. It was fun. We sat around the table recalling good memories we have of our son/brother.

Yesterday we had plans for the two of us to go out for our anniversary, but they blew apart when a typhoon strolled into town and cancelled the school events that our boys were going to be a part of (and eat dinner at). So we ended up back at the same shopping centre, five of us. It is big enough, though, and they are big enough, that we could eat separately. They ate in the food court on the third floor (almost) independently ordering their own food. And we had Chinese in a restaurant on the first floor. It was short and simple, but it worked. Next year for our 20th we'll have to try to come up with plans that are a little more fancy . . . and robust.

Now I need to consider what to do for David's birthday next week. He's a low-key kind of guy, much like the majority of our family. So it will probably be a quiet affair.

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