26 September, 2016


I love leftovers. They mean I only have to cook five evening meals a week instead of seven. They also mean a night of enjoying again the meals of the week (incentive to cook well!). 
This was last night's leftovers, or "Catch" as we call our Sunday-night menu. It was particularly piecemeal. 

Can you pick out the 
  • macaroni cheese, 
  • yakisoba (Japanese stir fried noodles), 
  • chicken from oyakodonburi (Japanese chicken and egg on rice), 
  • roast pork (unusual dish, we only eat roasts every two or three months), 
  • jacket potatoes and bacon (from a "Spud Mulligan" meal by our youngest boy), 
  • tuna pie, 
  • roast tomato sauce, 
  • leftover rice, and even 
  • left-over sweet potato? 
That's a week-and a half of cooking right there!

It's getting harder to have sufficient leftovers for two meals a week, but I'm getting crafty. Lots of veggies and carbs as well as often doubling or tripling recipes are my mainstays. To afford it I cook some low-meat meals too, like  macaroni cheese (from scratch), tuna mornay, yakisoba, and egg dishes. 

I get frustrated that lower-cost meat like mince and corn beef isn't available here. The former is at Costco, but I don't go there often. So we do eat a lot of chicken and more pork than we would in Australia, because these are what's available and affordable.

But we always have sufficient and I'm thankful.

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