16 June, 2015

What we did

I'm cleaning off my desk and I found some photos from two of our days visiting churches this year. A supporter posted these to us and I thought it was worth putting them up here because they show a little of what we've done this year.
Here we are, showing off some of the things we
had for sale on our display. I'm holding the
magazine I edit and another publication I
produced with OMF Japan.

This is our display. We put this up more than 20 times in the last 12 months. It is very portable. The board itself was made by the father of a good friend, way back in 2000 when we first started doing this. It's covered in carpet, so velcro works very well and the board is easily transformed, though we generally set it up at the start of our home assignment and leave it that way all the way through. It folds in three and our friend made a case to go with it, that is easy to carry. 

The rest is carried around in small boxes that are also easily transported. The most challenging thing about the display is that we're usually setting it up and taking it down at the same time as talking to people. That can be tricky! 
Our boys found a nook this day and kept themselves entertained
by folding origami creations. Often other children would 
join them, but unfortunately there was only one child at this church
that Sunday.
Here are three people we met that day. Relatives of a couple I knew during
my uni days, but haven't seen since. This couple are now missionaries in Europe.
On one of those days we had lunch with friends 
after church. and this photo was taken at the front 
door. Actually a number of local supporters/friends
came for lunch that day. We're so thankful for the 
many instances of hospitality that we've received
this year in Australia.

We go back to Japan with many memories of warm welcomes, of many meals around ordinary tables, as well as time spent at coffee shops and restaurants. Those are memories to cherish. These are people to remember whenever we're wondering if people in Australia remember us. This is the team that has helped us refuel spiritually, emotionally, and socially while we've been in Australia. If you've been a part of that. Thank you!

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