11 June, 2015

Puzzle Pieces

A few weeks ago I wrote about how transition is like a puzzle and that we had puzzle pieces that weren't yet in place. Since there more puzzle pieces have slotted into place.

The big piece that I wrote about last time was a place to stay while we finish packing up this house. We're so thankful that a couple from church has offered us accommodation for five nights at their house nearby. They are planning to cook for us too! I feel so loved.

Another small piece was getting our beautiful wooden bed to it's next abode. It is the only large piece of furniture that we are keeping, the only piece of furniture that we own that is "quality". There is some sentimental value about it as we bought it for our first bed after we got married. It was waiting for us when we returned from our honeymoon. 

It's next home is my parent's house (the bed is very familiar with that home, it's lived there for 12 out of the last 15 years). But that is more than 100km away, and we'd need a trailer and a car to pull the trailer. We had various half-formed ideas on how to manage that, but a friend who's taking his empty trailer to fetch some stuff from the town my parents live in has offered to pick the bed up and take it the day after we finish using it. Phew! Another piece of the puzzle in place, one that saves us several hours.

Cleaning isn't my favourite job. We manage to keep things fairly clean on a day-to-day basis, but deep cleaning. Nope. Several friends have offered to help with this in the last week. Grateful just seems too insignificant a word for how I feel about that.

So, the puzzle is looking more complete every day. And with only 16 full days left in Australia that's a good thing. I'm praising God for how, yet again, it is all coming together.

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