04 June, 2015

Honour the grief

I know I've been publishing a lot of emotional stuff here recently, about saying goodbyes and transitions. It helps me process what's going on for us presently. And I keep coming across great stuff that other people have been writing about it. This article is an excellent example. I read this while sitting on a silent railway platform waiting for the next train home.  My eyes were wet.

Yesterday I had morning tea with my parents and sisters. I said goodbye to my sisters who I probably won't see again for three years. I took a moment and allowed myself to feel the grief. My eyes were wet again.
And in the midst of all of this [the busyness of transition] it’s easy to forget that grief must be honored and goodbyes must be said. 
The global transnational family has developed an amazing capacity to adapt, to move forward, but sometimes we need to just stop where we are and honor that moment. (Both quotes are from the article I've linked to above.)
Honour the grief.
Say the goodbyes.
Be still.

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