01 June, 2015

And the weekend was . . . crazy

Another crazily busy, yet good weekend has just passed.


  • An inter-club wrestling meet all morning saw our two boys have a rare opportunity to compete against boys their size.
    Four of this class, my senior Ancient History class,
    were there on Saturday night.
  • While they set up for the above I ran a couple of errands: picking up my framed cross-stitch (see yesterday's post) and a digitalised version of some old family videos, including our wedding video.
  • After lunch we drove to my parents' house in Toowoomba and had another family birthday party (our eldest turned 16 during the week previous).
  • Dinner was held at Sizzlers with my parents and one of my sisters and her family.
  • During dinner I presented the cross-stitch to my parents.
  • The boys went home with their grandparents and David and I proceeded on to my 25th high school reunion.
  • We spoke at the church I grew up in (though it isn't recognisable as such any more: different name, location and almost no one who I knew from the 70s, 80s, or 90s).
  • Lunch was with precious friends. Our matron of honour and best man and their six kids. Energetic, yet fun. And as always, stimulating and scintillating conversation.
  • Then we came home in time for dinner, leftovers, actually.
It was all good. Tiring, but good.

I wasn't sure how the reunion would go and was nervous. However everyone was friendly and welcoming. I got lots of hugs from people I would never have hugged at high school! It was interesting to see how we've grown into (mostly) responsible adults. I had some good chats, but the most interesting thing that was said to me was that I appeared much happier and more comfortable in my skin. I guess that would probably be true for most people in the room. It gives me hope as I raise teenagers myself, actually. Those days of insecurity and uncertainty do come to an end. The night ended too quickly because we had to work the next day and needed a voice to do so (the music was loud, but it really only bothered me because it made conversation a bit difficult at times)!

Our official speaking engagements are now finished. We've packed our "travelling circus" away for another home assignment and are looking forward to retiring to a more private life in a few weeks. 

It's less than four weeks till we go now and things are gradually falling into place or, sadly, disappearing from the house into boxes. My preserved wedding bouquet has disappeared off the wall behind our bed, not to be seen for another three years. We're saying goodbyes that will last for at least three years. It's sad and every now and then I get teary.

But I'm glad for the weekend, it was the last overnighter in Toowoomba this time and it was a good way to finish.

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