02 June, 2015

Called to stay

A couple of weeks ago my FB page filled up with articles about missionaries readjusting back to their passport country after serving overseas. I got so frustrated with one partiuclar group that was posting on this theme that I wrote a comment, pointing out that not
Sometimes we are called to be like moss,
present year in and year out. That can seem
less exciting than being an annual, where
change is constant. But both moss and
annuals have their place and calling.
everyone is struggling with that issue right now.

Thankfully it was a theme that passed and the next week there were a slew of articles about "staying". 

Staying is a calling
Here's one that talks especially about giving thanks for those who stay, especially the local staff. I need to remember to do that when I get back. I've got several expat friends who are not missionaries, or have long-term local jobs and aren't leaving anytime soon, yet are in the expat community where there are people coming and going all the time. I must remember to take the time to tell them how valuable their "staying" is. 
“This is your calling.” I said “You are called to be here and serve as new people come in and befriend them and help them and love them.”
Actions to help make staying a positive action
And here is another article giving some positive action to help with the staying (not so much the "returning"), but with ideas like: acknowledge the losses and invest in your home (like buy a pot plant, make it home). But especially:
Count the Cost. Again. Remind yourself of the call and purpose that first brought you here. Remember how worthy He is. Rededicate all your being to the trustworthy One who is asking you to stay.

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Jamie Matsuoka said...

Hi Wendy! Thanks for recognizing "stayers"! It feels strange and hard to be the one who doesn't move.....