06 October, 2014


I'm feeling frustrated. We've just been away for two weeks and on Saturday will be away for another eight days, then only five days later I'll be going away again for a weekend. It's all planned, so not a surprise. 

But I'm not happy to be so unsettled. I crave a settled base and though the trips away are exciting (Perth and Melbourne, in this case), it is challenging too. 
This was my first home after graduating from uni. My
two-bedroom unit is the middle two window/glass door here.
Though I get bored if I'm at home for too long, it is
important to me to spend regular time there and for it to be
fairly orderly.

I particularly felt this at church yesterday morning. There were announcements about various events that I'd like to be involved in, but can't. There were many conversations that were interrupted by, "Oh, but we're going away again on Saturday." 

In fact I won't be back at our home church until the second Sunday of November. I'm thankful that I've been able to go to the Friday morning ladies Bible study, that is less affected by all this travel.

Sigh. At this rate I'll be desperate to get back to Japan next June, just to get a more settled life. It is conundrum, though, because I'm really enjoying being with family and friends. Not to mention the wonderful freedom we relish here.

The irony of "home assignment" is that we're spending less time "at home" than we do when we're in Japan.


Hillary said...

Boy, can I relate! My husband and I are both homebodies and I often find myself laughing at the irony of how we managed to end up as missionaries!!
Know you're not alone! I appreciate your honesty! :)

-J said...

I feel for you. My last HMA, I was away from home 56 of the first 103 nights.


Randy said...

I'm praying for you this morning.