15 October, 2014

Fremantle Fun

Today was another tourist day (some of the holiday part of our working-holiday in Western Australia). We spent nine hours in the port town of Fremantle. Again, too many things to do. Our boys make it easy to choose, however. Shopping doesn't appeal, neither do art museums or most museums. Parks are good, though, and so is select food. A beach and a prison tour thrown in too, are bonuses.

We started with a tour of the historic Fremantle Prison. It is world heritage listed. There are several tours we didn't take, like the "Great Escape" and "Tunnel Tour" that the boys wanted to. Now they're keen to come back next time (probably in 3 1/2 years).
Fremantle Prison, main block. Built in the 1850s, used up
until 1991.
Inside the prison. 
Once we'd finished the tour, it was lunch time and we headed with our packed lunch to the Esplanade Park. Lovely grass again!
 Wandering up the coast, we found this little beach. The boys loved making sand castles or other constructions.

We stopped at a Chocolate restaurant for afternoon tea milkshakes. It was hard to choose, so much chocolate in one spot! Then had more time at the beach and finished up with Fish and Chips, what else!

After our early dinner we joined the Fremantle Sharks Wrestling Club for a one-off training session (for us, not them). This was something I'd organised prior to coming. The main reason being that the wrestler who came second to our son in the wrestling tournament three weeks ago is at this club. They made us very welcome! I'm really glad I had this out-of-the-box idea.

We had a good day. All of us got something out of the day that we enjoyed. The boys are settling into our non-routine.

Tomorrow it's back to work, however. A complicated day logistically that hopefully will go well.

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