19 October, 2014

Aquarium and new friends

Western Australia is a huge state, the second
largest country subdivision in the world.
 Population 2.5 million, 1.7 of which live in 
the capital Perth. Texas is big, but five of 
Australia's states or territories (total of seven) 
are bigger.
Today we had an At Home morning. Then we went to The Aquarium of Western Australia, cleverly called AQWA (hint: say it). The main impression I'm left with is not only the vast variety of sea life that is around, but the huge coastline of WA. 

I have to hold back from laughing whenever someone asks me about "the climate of Australia" when I'm in Japan (usually a Japanese person). Because this land stretches far. Western Australia goes from the tropics down to some chilly spots that have nothing between them an Antarctica!

Sea horse.

The boys took over the camera and got some nice images, though it was very difficult in the low light with marine life behind thick glass. Just as we were getting close to leaving thunder and lightning rolled in and we were lucky to be able to miss the main storm. But the guys did get some nice photos of the ocean.

Then tonight we enjoyed a meal with a young family we only met last Sunday. Actually meetings like that are important too. We've been praying for new supporters, new connections with people our age or younger. 
This has to be the best photo of the day and I didn't take it.

As we go along this journey, the older folk who've prayed faithfully for us are gradually being called home to Glory. We need younger people who are able to stay the journey with us for longer. Our prayers are being answered! The time we've spent in WA has been valuable in making connections with people, not just standing up the front of groups saying our thing.
Another ray.

But now I must head to bed again. I've been exhausted all day (till I had my only coffee at afternoon tea time). I fear my body clock has been reset to night time, because I'm feeling more energetic now at 11pm than I did at 11am. Not good. Tomorrow night we get to sit on a plane overnight, arriving back in Brisbane at 5.10am Brisbane time (3.10am Western Australian time). Hopefully we'll be exhausted enough to just drop off on the plane!

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Ormo said...

Interesting about the climate... Especially as Japan stretches from the tropics to places that are colder than south Australia... So I usually find myself in your position when Irish people ask me about the climate in Japan!

Though generally people are less interested in the actual climate and more interested in what it means for us where we live.