05 October, 2014

Photographic glimpses of a holiday

We got back from our holidays yesterday and I've been going through the photos. There aren't as many as there could have been, particularly for the time outside of Springsure with David's sister and her family. I got lazy and a little bit sick. It a was wonderfully relaxing two weeks! Here are some photographic glimpses. Sorry, they're not in chronological order.
This is Cania Dam, near Monto. I'd never heard of it before.

Breakfast at camp. It was a beautiful sight, the grass was dewy
and David set brekkie up in the shade.
Just loving all the gum trees! This was in
Cania Gorge National Park.
Bottle brush flower. So Aussie! We used to have
one of these bushes in our front yard when I was
growing up.
Peering out from a cave in Cania Gorge National Park
Up above Cania Dam on a walk.
We found this outdoor, free "gym" in a riverside park in Munduberra.
Nice to have boys old enough to take a photo occasionally of
Higher up over Cania Dam.
Back in Toowoomba at their annual Carnival of Flowers, we visited the
Grand Champion Garden. These trees reminded me of our other "home".
Wisteria in the same garden as above. Again a reminder of Japan.
Same champion garden. Love this Australian shaped garden. 
Where we lunched on our way to Cania Dam, a small town with a great park!

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