17 October, 2014


I'm really tired. We were working again tonight. We ran a program for an hour or so for a couple of dozen people at a supporting church. 

We explained a bit about what we do and what OMF International does in Japan. Then we got them to pray (using the 31 Days of Prayer for Japan booklet that we published a few months ago, it's proving to be very useful). Then we got them rubbish sorting, according to the rules of the city we lived in.

Scitech and one of the fabulous interactive stations: a
moveable 3D contour map.
We'll be back at the church on Sunday morning. But tonight I was so tired that I could have curled up and dropped off, right in the middle of our presentation. Now I'm sitting on my bed waiting for the rest of the family to get through showers so that I can get clean and get to bed. Yes, we're all night showerers.

What amazed me about this afternoon was that we managed to "hang out" in the city for several hours. This is not something we'd usually attempt. Today was the exception because we'd been invited to lunch in the city by an elderly Chinese couple. After that we had four and a half hours until the above engagement. But that was also in the city, so we decided not to bother going home. The unfortunate thing is that most attractions in the city shut at 4 or 5pm.

We ended up going to the science centre, Scitech, but they closed at 4pm. Then we had three hours to kill. Shopping, browsing, window shopping. None of these concepts work well for our boys. But we did get them to spend some time in a shop that sold Australian stuff. You know, tourist stuff. They now each have Australian t-shirts that fit. We also did some Christmas shopping.

Then we sauntered over to Myers and hung out various departments for more than an hour: toys, Apple store, and books. No one threw us out! I stand amazed that we managed it, but I am now very tired.

Tomorrow is a bit quieter. But we're doing the last tourist fling by going to the state aquarium (by popular request). Then we're socialising in the evening once more! Another new family to meet and talk with. Hopefully we'll be home a bit earlier, though. The last couple of nights have been close to 10pm returns.

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