22 September, 2013

Watch me run

In October, CAJ usually holds a Fun Run. It isn't long (maybe 2 miles, I'm not sure). Last year I was in Kansai running a Writer's Workshop, but almost all the rest of my family ended up running. It is compulsory for the cross-country team, but others are invited to join too. My
The roads around here are fairly quiet and
 not too bad for running on.
husband (who rarely runs anywhere) ended up running because our at-the-time 7 y.o. wanted to participate and he wasn't allowed to without someone accompanying him (though that ended up being a farce, as he easily outran my husband). Our middle son's decided that running is his thing and wants to run this year. I figured it might be a fun challenge to take up.

I used to run. I used to be in an athletics club and represented both my primary and high schools in running (though mostly the shorter races and long jump). But I've not done much, if any, running since I left school. Long distance running isn't something I enjoy. I do run several times each week, but only on the spot at Curves, in 30 sec. bursts between machines. It is quite a different thing propelling your body forward for several minutes at a time. 

So as the weather has cooled down just a bit, I went for my first jog yesterday. My youngest son, who's also an enthusiastic athlete, took me on the one mile course around our house, but got a bit mixed up and we ended up only doing about 3/4 mile (1,200m), then we hopped on our bikes and tried the course again, riding the full 1 mile course this time. I'm feeling a bit sore today. I'm starting to call our son "Coach" because he's pushing to do another run today.

We'll see. I can't see myself doing much running during the week, but how much training does one have to do to complete a two mile run without embarrassing oneself? As you can tell, my goals aren't high. I think that if I can make the two miles without having to stop and walk, I'll be happy. 

But I don't intend on taking up running as an ongoing exercise, pounding these bitumen streets is not great for the joints, I can feel the pressure in my knee that caused me problems a couple of years ago. It's just nice to prove to myself at 40 that I still have it in me to run a bit of a race. I think it's good for the boys too, to see their "oldies" have a go. I haven't asked my husband if he'll be running again this year. Somehow I doubt it.

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