20 September, 2013

Emotion-filled week

It's been a week of emotion, culminating in a day of emotion. 

This week we celebrated a family birthday and a wedding anniversary. In our family, those on their own produce enough emotional outlay without any extra added to a week.

Additionally I still am dealing with the remnants of one of the editing problems I alluded to here. I want to just ditch the feelings of anger and sadness, but I realise that those aren't bad emotions as long as I don't hold on to them for too long. Wrong has been done to me. Worse, the person who's done wrong to me can't see that they've done anything wrong and are demanding I bend over backwards to accommodate them. I'd be betraying myself if I didn't get angry at being mistreated like this. However, I hope I'll be able to walk away from it soon and let their issues be their problems, not mine. But just so as you're pre-warned, I'm working on a post about the sorts of things that writers do that editors hate.

Then, this morning I said goodbye to a
Bags of stuff missionaries can't take with
them when they move internationally.
good friend. Actually we said "See you later," but when, we're not sure. She's a missionary who's moving back home (Singapore) for at least two years. She and her husband left our entryway full of stuff they no longer need. I need to sort through it all to decide what I want to keep and what to give to CAJ's Thrift Shop next month. But in my current state of mind, I can't face it.

Hopefully I'll be able to put all of this aside and enjoy a date with my hubby of 16 years this evening.


Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy praying for you. X

Wendy said...

Thanks. We had a great date last night and I went to sleep happy after all this.