17 September, 2013

Answer Japan Photo #40

On Saturday I asked what you thought these were and why the different sizes.

Karen was right in suggesting that they are bathroom slippers. Ken started off right by saying, 
Clearly the smaller ones are for a person to wear. They fit inside the larger ones...
Then he got creative and we enjoyed his fantasies. Thankfully no national secrets were revealed.

These live at my local Curves. You remove your outdoor shoes at the door and change into your indoor work-out shoes. Nothing unusual there. However, to use the toilet you have to put slippers on. The left ones work if you have bare or stockinged feet, however, what if you need to go in and don't want to remove your indoor work-out shoes? Hence the oversized slippers that go over your shoes.

It all seems a bit pedantic to me, but I try not to rock the boat. We don't use toilet slippers in our own home, but try to do the right thing whenever we're out!

I've never seen these type of slippers before in Japan these appeared a few months back. I felt vindicated when I heard older Japanese women exclaiming in surprise.

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