09 September, 2013

International News

Over the weekend we learned various big international news, including the result from Australia's national election: a new ruling party and prime minister. How that all pans out, we'll just wait and see.
The moment of victory for our son earlier in the year.

Of more interest to our boys was the news that Tokyo would host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. Additionally, this morning we heard that the IOC has said that wrestling can remain an Olympic sport (for now). This is a reversal of what we'd heard several months ago. And there was great rejoicing in the wrestling circles! There's a short video of the announcement in this article that shows the excitement of the wrestling contingent when they announced the decision.

We're only new fans of the sport (and we haven't seen much of it really), but we're excited.

There is one negative point I hadn't considered about the Tokyo Olympic announcement, it was mentioned by a Facebook friend: that for the IOC to reject Istanbul was a missed opportunity:
I believe the Olympic movement just turned their back on a wonderful opportunity to build a bridge of trust to the Muslim world and the Middle East region. Confirmation that their ideals no longer embrace peace and brotherhood through sport, rather they embrace the filthy lucre.

Only God knows where we'll be in 2020. As I tried to explain in my halting Japanese this morning, God hasn't given us an end-date for serving in Japan. So, unless He gives us direction otherwise, we'll still be here in 2020, with two boys in high school. It's going to look a bit different to how our household looks now. I'll probably be the shortest in the family again. We'll probably also have a son in university. Wow!

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