11 September, 2013

Decaf surprise

From http://www.tullys.co.jp/menu/coffee_beverages/decaf.html
I had a new coffee experience today in Japan. I've never had decaf coffee in a coffee shop here.

Today at Tully's (a Japanese coffee shop chain that pays for the brand-name of the American chain, but is no longer related), I noticed they had decaf grounds for sale at the counter, so my husband asked for kafein-ress. It only comes in one size: short and only comes black (there is cream available). But hey, seeing as caffeine consumption seems to be bad for me (I get headaches with just small amounts), it's a reasonable option.

I did have to wait five minutes while they opened a fresh one-serve packet and brewed it for me. Not bad, hey?

This is new territory for the Japanese. It is hard to buy decaf here. Instant "poison" is somewhat available (in larger supermarkets), but it isn't easy to find grounds at all. I usually buy it in bulk from the Foreign Buyers Club (I also buy bulk tinned soup, cornflakes, tinned fish and miscellaneous other things from them).

I could live without coffee, I'm no longer addicted to it. However I do enjoy the taste, and the routine of making a coffee, or going out "to coffee" with friends. It's not quite the same having an OJ.

Have you ever considered what luxury would you go to great lengths to get, if you lived in another country?

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Ken Rolph said...

But surely everywhere on earth has access to Old Jamaica Rum & Raisin dark chocolate?