27 August, 2013

Some interesting photos

I collected the following photos over the holidays. Thought you might be interested.
I found this novelty iPhone case. Really,
can you imagine actually using this?
It is about three times the size of an iPhone.
Can you buy cans this size in Australia? You can here. That OJ is 1L, for comparison.
You've got to love the creative English spelling Japanese people get up to,
but here we have some creative capitalisation. This was in a train station.
Found this on the side of an apartment building in a nearby
suburb. Japanese name their apartment complexes. I can't imagine
how a missionary living there could give out their address!
Inner Bottom? Really?
I really don't understand the numbering system on the roads here.
I mean really, which road do you want, 299 or 299?
Our turtle trying to escape after his active time with friends
while we were in Hokkaido.

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Caroline said...

You can get the small cans here too. I think they're being marketed as being healthier, as being smaller there is less sugar and therefore less energy per can.