06 August, 2013

Beckoning in Japan

Early on in Japan a teacher beckoned to me, but I misunderstood her. Check out this video and I reckon you'll figure out why.


KarenKTeachCamb said...

Interesting. I think this is common in many Asian cultures. The palm down beckon is definitely used in both Cambodia and Thailand as well.

Caroline said...

My Aunt, who used to live in Thailand, told me that the palm was down because you wanted the person to walk over to you on the ground, not to fly through the air, as would be suggested by a palm up gesture.

Ken Rolph said...

If you have your palm down and move your hand in a pushing motion, without wiggling your fingers, it means GO AWAY. Your arm should be still and low and the motion of your hand slow.

That's sort of different to a high arm, fast finger wiggling invitation. I think!