08 August, 2013

Going camping again today

Today's trip.
Today we go camping again. This time we go 60km north-west of here to a place with a cool name: Chichibu.

For the first time we'll take some friends with us. Friends who've not been camping before in Japan. They are also a family of five, but have two girls. It's going to be a bit different.

One thing I've learned: it takes about the same amount of time to pack for two nights of camping as it does for three weeks.

All the places we've camped thus far in Japan.
This is a map of all the places we've camped at in Japan. It totals 13 different campsites, two of which we've visited two or three times. Two years after starting this, we're starting to feel a little experienced.

So, what's our next challenge? We'd love to do a few weeks camping west of here, down in Kansai, or even down to the bottom on Honshu or even Shikoku. It will have to wait, though, because next Japan summer we'll be packing up for our 12 months home assignment in Australia. Maybe in two years time when we come back we'll see what we can do. Of course we'd love to go camping in Australia while we're there for a year.

Dreams and plans! One of the things I love about camping.

Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy these two days, our last warm-weather camping trip this year. And boy it is warm, 34/35 is forecast. We'll be a little up in the mountains, hopefully it will be a bit cooler at night at least.

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