20 June, 2013

Refreshing spontaneity

Continuing on in our unusual week, yesterday David and I did something we haven't done in years. We took a spontaneous after dinner walk on our own.

We walked past our local government sports centre and ogled
these new outdoor climbing walls they've built. I haven't seen
too many climbing walls, but I've never seen ones this high.
Our wrestler had gone off to a make-up training session at 6.30pm, leaving the two of us alone for the evening.

After a humid, windy day on the edge of a typhoon, it was just perfect to be out at that time. For a good part of an hour we strolled along the local "river" and talked. Parenting ties you down in many ways, one being in spontaneity. For us as a family to do something as out of the ordinary as an after dinner walk usually involves lots of explanation and persuasion! (Unless it is going out for food.) And often it just isn't worth it.

At 7 pm most evenings we're working towards getting boys to bed. It was delicious to have the freedom to choose to be out together. A taste of what's to come as these guys grow and need us just a bit less. 

We stopped for a Maccas soft serve and then rented a DVD for our teenager (he's got a friend coming over tonight), and one for us too. Then we came home and watched "ours", continuing our spontaneous date. 

It was just so refreshing. This unusual week has been busier than I'd anticipated, but not as weird as I thought. There's been other great things too, like breakfast "dates" before David went to work and our son got up. I love it!

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