16 June, 2013

Interesting English

I was deleting some of the photos off my phone the other day and I found a bunch of "Interesting" English photos. So here, for your own entertainment, they are:
Found in some women's toilets. It is common to
find boy-sized urinals in women's facilities.
A great idea, I reckon! But they didn't quite get the noun right. 
This is very good English, actually. It was found on a train platform.
This is one of those new platforms where they have a fence
separating you from the train, the 'doors' that they mention are sliding
doors in the fence. It is supposed to reduce the chance of people
jumping off platforms in front of trains.
Um, what? A toilet cubicle photo.
This one from a 100 yen shop. Are you "a safety driver"?
These oranges were "Made in Australia"!
In a bicycle shop. I was tempted to break into song.
And some tissues: "Life Yell", um.

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