10 June, 2013

My favourite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe

On Saturday I did my usual quiet-Saturday activity of baking snacks for the week/s to come. I baked Chocolate Chip Cookies, Butterscotch Cookies and a light fruit cake called a Norfolk Vinegar Cake.

The butterscotch cookies came about because an American friend of mine had some butterscotch chips to give away that were past the use-by-date (significantly, but they still taste good), so I jumped at the chance to try them out for the first time ever.

Anyway, Lesley asked for my Butterscotch Cookie recipe. Truth is: it's my Chocolate Chip recipe with butterscotch "chips" substituted for chocolate chips and the nuts left out. My mum reckons you can't buy butterscotch chips in Australia. They look a lot like chocolate chips, and aren't hard like butterscotch lollies (US=candy).

The recipe is an Australian Women's Weekly recipe from the book "Kids' Party Food". As it is a copyrighted book, I'm not supposed to reproduce it here. I have found the recipe online in several places (legally or not, I'm not sure) here is one. By the way, I use only one cup of chocolate chips/butterscotch chips, instead of 1.5 cups.

The Norfolk Vinegar Cake is from a bona fide UK "English Tea Time" recipe book that my sister-in-law gave me when she and her British husband were moving back to Australia after living in the UK for a while. It's has the most unusual method I think I've ever seen for a cake, but it's pretty simple and works well as a substitute for those of us who have trouble getting mixed fruit.

So, we're set for at least the week to come and I'm getting lots of "we love your baking Mum" good vibes from the troops.

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Catherine said...

They look just as choc chip cookies should Wendy, so delicious. And now I am hungry. (Those butterscotch chips sound amazing).