01 June, 2013

Lots of celebrations

Here is a pictorial tour through some of the highlights of the last three days. 
Our 8 year old's piano recital.
A birthday. We made our wrestler a wrestling cake.
An Elementary Sports Day. Our two younger boys
did really well, there's no doubt we have active boys. They
made up 2/5 of their team's multi-grade 5x200m relay (yes, really),
and they won.
Elementary Sports Day continues, it contained
some running, plus other events like soccer ball
dribbling, obstacle course, skipping (US=jump rope),
standing and running long jump, soft ball throw.
Middle School (or Eighth Grade) Graduation. Which, I've
discovered, is much more a Japanese thing to do, than
an American thing. The 8th graders scrubbed up well!
But these boys wouldn't stay still for a photo.
This is just a portion of the 46 students who "graduate" from Middle
School on the 11th of June. Everyone was called up on stage with a
spiel by their home room teacher about each student (including things
the student and their friends had said about themselves). They
were applauded and given envelopes with certificates for
various achievements during Middle School (but these weren't
announced publicly).
And this game, which is called HeroScape. It was a birthday
present for our 14 year old. The boys are quite obsessive about
it and are playing it every moment they can. They even got
up at 5.30 on Thursday morning to play it before school.
The coolest thing about it (in my opinion) is that you create
your own landscape (board), and it's different every time.
Today we also had a family party for the 8th Graders. It was looong and now I'm tired (though probably not as tired as those who put many, many hours into preparing and putting it into action), and so is my clan.

It's chilling time.

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