03 June, 2013

Japan Photo #35 Answer

Caroline was 100% correct with her answer for this photo.

She wrote:
Is it a bottle for spraying oil?
I think I've seen one before (in Melbourne some years ago), and the tube in the lid is for pressurising it.
I've got no idea why you're so excited, unless it's that you can't get spray cans of oil in Japan (assuming that I'm right about what it is!).
Yes, it is a bottle for spraying oil (or vinegar or other things, if you so wish). You fill it with oil, hand pump and then spray.

It is a wonderful item because you can't buy spray cans of oil here (or at least I haven't seen them in any local shops). I've previously bought spray cans through FBC, a foreign import company. Now, not only can I just use the olive oil from my kitchen, but I'm environmentally friendly too, no extra waste!

It's amazing the different things that you just assume will be in another country, but aren't. Spraying oil is one thing I took for granted in Australia.

I didn't buy this wonderful item in a Japanese store, though, it was a Costco purchase, so I wondered if it was becoming a common item in Western countries. Seems not, at least not yet.

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