10 May, 2013

Teeth and warts

I've finally found myself a new dentist. In March last year I had a bit of a dental "emergency" and ended up with being told by our usual dentist to, "not come back without my Japanese husband" (a common assumption here). 

The dentist we've been going to the whole time we've lived in Tokyo (seven years) is apparently only good if we have my husband with us, and that doesn't work well if I need to go by myself (usually we have gone as a family for one mass check-up). They also didn't do a great job with my tooth last year and I ended up having to have it removed while we were in Australia. So that Practice really lost my confidence.

So today I took myself off, all alone, to another dentist who reputedly spoke some English. Turns out he doesn't speak much English, but by the time we combined his bad English and my bad Japanese, we managed to communicate enough to get by. And the plus is that he didn't tell me to, "come back with my Japanese husband".

The other good news is that I have no cavities. Yay!

Yes, dealing with medical stuff in another country can be a challenge! Thankfully we're all fairly healthy.

The warts situation from March is gradually clearing up. One boy (the one who is better at looking after himself and putting moisturiser on twice daily) was declared clear yesterday, but he doesn't want to go back to swimming. The other one (who is the opposite in terms of self-care) isn't better yet. The doctor didn't have much sympathy for him. I don't either. The dr froze more warts and basically said, "It's in your hands." From what the doctor said, the water wart virus likes the rough skin that dermatitis presents. That's why putting moisturiser on regularly helps with the healing process. 

So it doesn't look like we'll be going back to swimming. Time to gracefully pull out, I reckon. I'm not too disappointed. With the two of them now doing karate on Wednesdays, I think we can safely drop one extra-curricular activity. They'll pick up swimming again at school in Australia next year.

Only one more medical thing to deal with today, the rest of the family are going to the dentist after school (my old dentist). I'm going along as an assistant boy-tamer, not as a translator!

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Judie said...

Jeanna was always limited to one extra-curricular activity at a time (mainly by cost) but she covered a lot: ballet, netball & violin were the main ones. I think she must have done those three for more than a year. Since she grew up she's been involved in Repertory Theatre & Choral societies.
She has benefited from them all, probably more than if she'd tried to do them all at once.
"Assistant boy-tamer"! LOL