04 May, 2013

Japan Photo #33

I had too big a day today (12 hours at an Athletics meet, quite ridiculous!) to do anything except give you another photo to guess.

Anyone whose lived in Japan will be familiar with these and where you get them. Anyone else want to guess?


Deb said...

Small packets of toilet paper to take with you when you are using public facilities? BYO paper?

Deb said...

You know I LOVE this game, don't you? My life is obviously a bit sad!

Caroline said...

Like Deb, I think at first glance they look like toilet paper, and I have been in parts of Asia where you had to BYO paper - a lady sold them outside the toilets, but one packet seems to have a use-by date. Does toilet paper get too old to use? (or is it a date packed? - I can't remember which way you said Japanese dates went)