25 May, 2013

New book by Joni

As a teenager I went through a phase of reading biographical books about people with disabilities and various medical conditions. Part of that interest was me heading towards studying Occupational Therapy.

One of the books I read at that time was Joni. That famous book about Joni Eareckson who broke her neck as a 17 y.o.. It's a good book, one I recommend to you, if you haven't read it.

The book I've just read, however, comes 37 years after her accident, and it's not just about her. This book, Joni and Ken, an Untold Love Story is focused on the relationship between Joni and her husband, Ken. It explores various themes, including the difficulty of living with someone famous as well as someone who has a severe disability. What comes through strongly is Ken's journey as a husband, especially relating to the book, Wild at Heart.

As a couple they've struggled, not just with Joni's quadriplegia, but in recent years chronic, unexplained pain and on top of that, breast cancer.

It isn't a "happily ever after" tale, but rather one that honestly shows them working through their struggles. It's an encouragement that you don't just have to give in when things get tough in a marriage. These two have not only stuck with their marriage, but the joy and satisfaction they're enjoying now, probably eclipses that of earlier in their marriage.

Joni's advice, "If I were sitting next to you this very moment . . . wherever you are . . . I know what I would say to you. I would say, 'Oh, please pray for your partner.' Hands down, it beats any how-to marriage manual or nationally renowned couples' conference."

The only negative thing I can say about the book is that it does skip around a lot, flitting across different times in their lives. Though these are clearly marked with dates, it is still difficult to keep a track of what's going on. Nonetheless, it is a book worth reading.

But there's one thing I especially treasure from the book. She writes, "Home is with him. Home is with Ken Tada. If you asked Ken, he'd say the same. Home is wherever we are together." I love this notion and it captures my feeling about my husband too. It is part of how we manage to cope living away from Australia, because home is when we're together.

Disclaimer: A complimentary electronic copy of this book was provided to me for review by Thomas Nelson Books http://BookSneeze.com. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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Renee Morgan said...

That sounds like a great book. I'll have to look into it. I was born with a fatal heart condition through many miracles I lived to see my healing at the age of 16. Doctors couldn't explain it. At the age of 21 i was diagnosed with mental illness and was put on disability as they never expected me to ever be able to work or be independent. Five years later God healed me of that too. Doctors are scratching their heads wondering how it's possible. Our God is so mighty.