26 May, 2013

Australian English quiz

Okay, I've got my Aussie English hat on. Can you, non-Aussies, guess the meaning of these words?
  1. Bonzer
  2. Chunder
  3. Bludge
  4. Dunny
  5. Flog
  6. Possie
  7. Ridgy-didge
  8. Ropable
  9. Sickie
  10. Tucker
  11. Yakka
  12. Doo velacki
Here are the answers, can you match them up to the correct word?

a. genuine
b. toilet
c. food
d. steal
e. malingering 
f. thing
g. great
h. no doing anything
i. angry
j. vomit
k. position
l. hard work

Answers coming up in a couple of days.


Melissa said...

Hi Wendy I was stumped when I saw the last word until I said it out loud. I don't know if I have ever seen it written before now.

Deb said...

"Ropable" is Australian? I thought everyone said that. Well, blow me down with a feather!

Caroline said...

I had to say the last word out loud too, but my understanding of the meaning isn't listed. (Not that it's a word that I use much.)

Wendy said...

Sorry Caroline. I doubled up on one, you should find your answer there now, I've fixed it.

Wendy said...

Believe it or not, dooverlackie is in the Macquarie Dictionary, but without the space!

Caroline said...

Yes, that looks better - I was wondering if it was a peculiarly Queensland usage!

We also looked up "bludge" in the Australian Oxford this morning, because I thought it had a slightly different primary meaning to my husband's definition. We were interested to see three separate meanings for bludge as a verb, and one as a noun. So we were both right - but it seemed strange to be doing grammatical analysis of such a colloquial word.

Ken Rolph said...

I myself was interested to see you make a 2 word synonym for thingamajig. But you don't have to resort to the vernacular to confuse foreigners. I was corresponding with an American friend and mentioned that our weather had got so cold that I was now wearing a singlet and jumper as well as a shirt.

This apparently required some explanation, so I told her to google "chesty bonds man". She seemed to get the idea, so I offered to send her a photo of me wearing a thong.

Which of course is silly, because you would normally wear a pair of things.