27 May, 2013

Impacting Media

So many great links going around my Facebook feed at the moment, not junky ones, but insightful ones. It's too bad to just leave them on FB, I want to share them with you. Here are three of them:

This 15 minutes video is about the decreasing birth rate and increasing elderly population situation in Japan. Some insightful comments in interviews (and the reporter is Australian, which is another bonus).

This is a blog post about the impact the mobile lifestyle missionaries live has on our children's thoughts about relationships and the seeming inevitability of goodbyes. It has implications, not just for MKs (missionary kids), but all TCKs (including military kids who haven't left their home country), and adults who live this mobile lifestyle also.

This one is funny, but in a sad way. It is a humorous look at what must be a frustrating problem for those who have Asian looks, yet were born in America (or whatever Western country you'd like to name). Because I'm white, I don't know if this is as bad a problem in Australia. I certainly remember growing up with Asians and just accepting them as Australia, especially if they had an Australian accent. Are people really as rude as this?

  • Japan's decreasing birthrate coupled with a lack of desire to increase immigration.
  • Inevitable goodbyes and how that impacts our relationships
  • Judging a book by it's cover: making assumptions about people because of the way they look.
Which of these impacted you the most?

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Ken Rolph said...

I once worked in a training facility for new immigrants to Australia. Many of the Asian and African ones reported just what you describe. There was a recent incident with an ABC newsreader on a bus. There were copycats after that.

The checkout chicks and chaps at the Rainbow Supermarket are from a wide range of backgrounds. But they all speak with an Australian accent. I remember one night we were having a contest in the line to guess the background of our checkout chick. People suggested Tibetan, various Pacific islands, parts of southeast Asia. Then she put us out of our misery by saying she was Lebanese. (This is how we entertain ourselves in Blacktown.)