01 May, 2013

Pray for Japan Harvest magazine

I've just sent out my monthly "Pray for Japan Harvest magazine" email. I'm wondering if any of my readers would like to be put on the email list? Let me know if you do.

Here is the text of the email from this month:
The issue which came out in January.

Thank you for your prayers for Japan Harvest during March. Here are some up-to-date prayer points for the magazine.

  • Editing for the summer issue (TCKs) is going well. 
  • Dates have been set for the next two Writer’s Workshops. Interest has been shown in another workshop in Kansai.
  • We continue to get good feedback on the magazine and the improvements we've made in it over the last couple of years.
  • We're struggling to get the Spring Issue on Evangelism out. One problem after another means that we're well past our hoped-for publication date. I'm not sure if this is the enemy trying to hinder this vital issue on evangelism from getting into people's hands, but please lift us up in prayer as we try to get this completed.
  • Our Art Director/Production Editor is due to have her second baby in June, right around the time that we'll be finishing up the Summer issue. Pray that we'll be able to work around this. Pray she'll have a good birth and easy baby!
  • Japan Harvest team (listed below) is put together by volunteers. All of us have other responsibilities. Six of us are mums with young children. Pray we would all use our time wisely.
  • We're still looking for a News Editor/coordinator and writer/s for the Member Care column/department.
  • Our Executive Editor is in the US for three months of Home Assignment. Pray that things will run smoothly in his absence.
Here is the list of our Japan Harvest team:

Executive Editor: Gary Bauman
Managing Editor: Wendy Marshall
Art Director, Production Editor: April Mack
Associate Editor: Rachel Hughes
Fact Checker: Georgia Anderson
Proofreader: Evangeline Kindervater
Advertising Director: Yuko Miyata
Administration Assistant: Yuka Oguro
Plus the translators for our News section: Atsuko Tateishi, Tomoko Kato, and Tim Williams.

Thank you for your continuing prayers.

Please pass this along to others who might be interested in praying for the ministry of Japan Harvest.

Blessings in Christ,


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