16 September, 2012

Pop-Up Starbucks?

The hospital I visited on Friday had a Starbucks in the foyer. I might have been very excited, except for my low caffeine diet. Annoyingly Japanese coffee shops don't seem to have heard of decaffeinated coffee.* I might have had a coffee anyway, except that I'd gone to a coffee shop the day before and really didn't want any more headache trouble (this heat does me in).

While I'm on Starbucks, I saw this post about Starbucks opening the first ever "Pop-Up Store" in Tokyo. Even after reading the article, I still have no idea what the heading means. What is a pop-up store? The only thing I can think of is a pop-up card or pop-up book that little children read. No idea. Perhaps you can explain it to me after reading the article.

*A friend did tell me it was possible to get a decaf coffee from Starbuck here, but it was something that took a long time for them to produce and it didn't taste very good either.


April said...

Well, I don't know what they mean by a pop-up store either, except that it sounds temporary.

My dictionary had this to say under "pop-up":
Computing (of a menu or other utility) able to be superimposed on the screen being worked on and suppressed rapidly.

So, perhaps the store is taking over a location for a short time, "popping up" and then being dismantled equally as quickly.

Wendy said...

Perhaps you're right. The article does "pop in" a reference to the store closing on the 30th of September.