22 September, 2012

I want to run away

A quote I saw on Facebook this week rings true to me today:
"I don't know about you, but I have thought about running away from home way more often as an adult, than I ever did as a kid."
When I first saw the quote I thought, no, not me. But yesterday and today have changed that a bit.

Without saying too much about my children and one son in particular, I just like to put it out there that we're having a hard parenting time at the moment (and for a bit longer than a moment, actually). I've felt like running away (with my husband) at least three times today.

Parenting three boys is no piece of cake. Especially when none of whom have easy personalities — despite how cute you might think they look or how smart I'm often told they are — they are full-sized challenges. And not just one challenging child multiplied by three either, bigger than that.

I know I'm not alone in struggling with parenting. But it does sometimes feel very lonely when you're shut up in a house with three boys who are not getting along with each other or with us. Who care more about themselves than they care about anyone else. Who often present a lovely front to (almost) everyone else except us. And to know that you can't escape this tomorrow, nor next week. Not even will this be over in three years time. This is an endurance event and I don't feel, right now, like I'm up for the challenge.


Melissa said...

I hear you. I am facing school holidays with little planned. I have to get my act together. I don't think I ever wanted to run away as a child but I certainly have as a mother.

The guilt of being a "bad" mum as a christian doesn't help either.

Melissa said...

On a positive note the older girls got a good end of term report. :)

Karen said...

Will pray for you Wendy, you are so right about this parenting thing being a marathon rather than a sprint. Hang in there :)

Sarah said...

I will pray for you, Wendy. :)

Footprints Australia said...

Yes, I know the feeling. We are having fun & games with Miss not quite 16 at the moment who thinks she is old enough to do whatever she wants ... um that would be a NO. And if she doesn't like our decision she goes around the house like a little thunder cloud. It's quite wearing, and v. tempting to just give in ... but as I keep reminding myself, I am her MOTHER not her FRIEND. So she is just going to have to lump it!

Footprints Australia said...

PS a quote that has really helped me the past couple of weeks: It's not our responsibility to have godly children. It's our responsibility to ensure our children have godly parents.

Sending hugs!!!