18 September, 2012

Beating deadlines, and other fun things

Today I'm having a pretty fun day. It is one of only two days I get to be at home while the boys are at school this week. Thursday and Friday are student-free days (or, as CAJ calls them, Staff Professional Days).

I started the day with the pleasure of submitting the last of the material for the next issue of  Japan Harvest (the magazine I edit), to our designer/production editor. I was two days early! Feels good. Now I'm praying for our designer, that she'll be able to do a great job in the time available to her.

Then I did some grocery shopping, particularly preparing for our middle son's birthday party tomorrow. He's 10 and having his first every sleep over (and we're hosting our first ever birthday sleep over)!

I'm glad that his birthday is finally here, because we've endured some tremendous emotional swings as this intense young man struggled with unbearable anticipation. Is there anyone else out there who struggles with the overexcitement that comes at birthdays and Christmas?

Now I'm trying to think about teaching my youngest's class (second grade) about writing. It's hard because many of the kids are still struggling with English and even speaking in sentences is hard for them. With little classroom teaching experience, it is a challenge for me to think about teaching them, but a fun challenge.

I think I'll keep to the theme of "Interesting Words" that I used two years ago when I had the same opportunity to teach the grade twos when my middle son was in that class. I'm thinking about using some writing prompts that aren't just words or pictures. I'm thinking about using a toy or something that can be moulded into a shape (like a bendy toy). And also about using a song or music. Does anyone out there have a musical writing prompt suggestion?

So, I guess I ought to get back to doing what I'm doing, instead of talking about what I'm doing.

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