03 September, 2012

An almost normal Sunday

A couple of things about yesterday might make it distinct from a Sunday we might have in Australia.

For example, we rode to church. I've told you that before, though. Our church doesn't have a car park (US=parking lot). So it is either ride or walk.

On the way home we got caught in a short, heavy shower on the way home from church. I was riding too fast approaching a small t-intersection when I saw a delivery truck approaching from the right. I braked hard as I went round the corner and the bike lost traction and slid out from underneath me. Thankfully I was able to leap free of my bike and land on my feet. I'm also thankful that I didn't make contact with the truck! It was pretty stupid, though. I was already soaked, riding fast didn't make any difference except to make me liable to have an accident! And now my knee, that was already causing me some discomfort, is aching even more.

We had our usual Sunday lunch of noodles: udon and ramen (a.k.a. "two minute noodles"), all eaten with chopsticks, but there the similarity with the way Japanese eat these noodles ends. The boys usually put cheese, tomato sauce (US=ketchup), corn, and ham on their noodles and we don't eat them with the soup that usually accompanies them in a restaurant. Don't tell any Japanese people, they might be very shocked! It is kind of like them putting seaweed on a Vegemite sandwich!

After lunch we all had SQUIRT time (this is a standard Sunday feature).

Later in the afternoon the boys started to get a bit too much: pillow fights, wrestling, etc., in our tiny lounge room. They obviously needed to get some energy out, so I booted them out onto the street! Instead of going down to the local park they chose to time each other running around our tiny block (about 18 houses). That did the job and by the time they came back in they'd calmed down a lot. I didn't send them into our backyard. For a couple of reasons:

  1. Our backyard isn't much bigger than our lounge room. There is no way they could get all the energy out that they needed to, in our back yard.
  2. It is mosquito infested. There must be someone nearby breeding mosquitoes, because out there, they bite you through clothing, I'm convinced they even like mosquito repellant cream. And then they sit on your clothes and come inside and torment us for the rest of the evening. The backyard is a bad place in summer! 

So what do you do on an ordinary Sunday? Do you have a standard meal that you eat? Do you/did you take your kids to the park? Or play a game in the backyard?

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Judie said...

My typical Sunday involves getting up as late as I think I can get away with & rushing to church. If I'm on a duty, I get there about 9, otherwise I barely make it by 9.30, starting time.
After church there is morning tea, then we almost always go out to lunch, usually with Von, our friend.
Sometimes we come home for a nap, or I may go for a 3pm 'drink' (I haven't actually HAD any tea or Coke there yet) with the cast of a play for which I was prompt about 3 months ago.
If I haven't finished the PowerPoint for the evening service, I leave there about 4 & rush off to finish & put it into the church computer. Service starts at 5, is over by 6.15 or 6.30 & it's ME TIME!
I finish the day about 8.45 after my Hungry Jacks burger(s) & Coke. Supposed to be my only indulgence, & I am cutting back, truly.
Actually, I don't really end the day then. I go home, check out Facebook & play games until 9. or 10. or 12. Or 2!
BTW, "We" is myself, my daughter, her husband, and their babies, 3 & 18 months. That's why I need a couple of hours of ME TIME on a Sunday night.