29 September, 2012

My 36 hours retreat

It was the OMF Kanto women's retreat.

It started (and ended) with a five train journey. This was the last train, out in the country, and not many people riding. The first three trains I didn't get a seat and had to work to find space to put my tiny suitcase.
 The view from the last train was awesome. This is heading into the valley where we've been camping several times (including in June, when a typhoon invaded the valley, see here). I love this corner of Tokyo!
 Today we wandered down to the river and had our small group time here.
 I love the internationalism of OMF. At the retreat we had only two pairs of people from the same countries.
New Zealand 1
Australia 1
US 1
England 2
Germany 2
Switzerland 1
Korea 1
Japan 1
Uganda-Sweden 1
Here Alison, our Kiwi, is talking to Philipa, who grew up in Sweden,
and moved to the UK when she was 14. Her Dad is Ugandan.
Headed home. We had a blessed, yet short, time of renewal.

And I was on the other side of the train with two other lovely ladies!
We were grateful for a seat. Being Saturday afternoon and not inner city, that
wasn't too much of a problem.
I slept well last night and enjoyed the relaxing fellowship of these ladies. But now I'm back with the "rabble" and I need to go and pay some attention to getting them through showers, dinner, and bed.


OliveTree said...

Lovely that you got to go on a retreat. What a great international group. This must be retreat season. I'm going to two in October and looking so forward to it.

Wendy said...

Yeah, autumn and spring are retreat seasons, I guess! I hope that your retreats are refreshing also OliveTree.