28 April, 2011

What's happening?

In a week entirely different from my last few weeks of editing, we are in the midst of CAJ's huge twice-yearly garage sale, Thrift Shop. I've written about it before here and here.

Yesterday and today we are setting up - sorting, pricing and arranging all the items for sale. Tomorrow and Saturday are sale days. Tomorrow for PTA members and Saturday is open to the general public. 

Yesterday I mostly spent my time sorting clothing into appropriate types and sex. I also carried a lot of large plastic boxes full of clothes around the gym to their correct location. It took about six hours for me start to feel pain in my wrist from this activity. I should know better, my wrists are prone to injury. I'm going to have to be more careful today!

Today is also my youngest's sixth birthday. Last night I decorated some plain chocolate patty cakes (mini cakes) to take for his class. My husband is working on his ice-cream cake and we wrapped presents last night.

In addition to that today is the Elementary's Spring Concert at last. It was postponed from late March when the school was shut due to the earthquake. In actual fact Thrift Shop is also a fortnight later than planned, also for the same reason. There is no getting around it, things are still a little different, even here in Tokyo, as a result of March 11.

On Friday we get to shop at Thrift shop as well as see the middle schooler's spaghetti bridges smashed (see an explanation here).

I'm still struggling with headaches and fatigue. Thrift Shop is a fun time, however, a time when extroverts like me get to enjoy one of their favourite activities - hanging out with friends! That is good for my stress levels and recent feelings of being a bit flat, despite the fact that it comes at a price - hard work. 

If you pray, pray I'll have the energy to make it through to 1pm on Saturday. After that I can relax a little, before I start working on the Summer edition of Japan Harvest next week.

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Cath said...

That garage sale looks amazing. Wish I could come! The japanese always dress so stylishly, too. I often ask mums at school where they got their outfits, and the answer is almost always Japan or Korea.