24 April, 2011

Road-side nature in Tokyo

I thought of Tokyo as a big concrete and asphalt jungle before I came here. And certainly there is enough of both of those to warrant the reputation. The first two times we visited the city was in winter and there was very little in the way of green or natural colour around. However, that wasn't a complete image of the city, especially during the warmer seasons of the year.

Driving around our little area of Tokyo on Friday, I saw some amazing colour. These photos aren't the best, they were taken with my mobile phone when I was stopped at lights, and there were enough of those. When driving in Tokyo you probably spend more time at lights than actually moving along the road. So come on a little tour:

A bit hard to see, but there were a lovely lot of tulips out the front of this property.

A nice manicured park.

This road is called the Suido Road. Suido being a pipe. A little stream, I don't know how man-made it is, but certainly it isn't in its natural state with a road on one side and often a foot/bike path on the other and fenced on both sides. It is nice, though, to not have properties crowding onto both sides of the road and rather have some green.

More of the same.

I think these are Azaleas. A splash of colour outside the local CocaCola Factory.
Still outside the CocaCola factory. The trees with pink flowers are dogwoods, I think. Not sure what the hedge is. The locals maintain this long garden, a pretty common sight on this main road in our local area.

Thanks for coming on a tour. Maybe you could come and see it with your own eyes one day.

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