20 April, 2011

Price comparisons

I'm just wondering what prices are like in Australia now. When we first were preparing to leave for Japan in '99 and 2000, we did up a chart comparing prices in Japan with Australian prices. It was a frightening chart. I wish I could find that information now...because I've got a feeling things have changed. Not only have prices changed in both places (but possibly more in Australia than here), but the exchange rate has too.

However, let me tell you some of my recent groceries and their prices. Perhaps you can dig up your own comparisons.

Today I bought

bananas for AU$1.66 a kg
apples for AU$2.90 a kg
cucumbers for  AU$3.22 a kg
carrots AU$4.65 a kg
low fat milk 1 L for AU$1.13

How does this compare? (Note that I'm buying cheaply at a little local store.)


Mrs Q said...

The bananas are much cheaper there - approx $13 a kilo here but our carrots are about a third of the price of yours. Your apples are slightly cheaper too and the milk price is about the same for low-fat.

island said...

approximate values in brisbane:

bananas A$7/kg
apples A$2+/kg
cucumbers A$2 to $3/kg
carrots A$1.50/kg
low fat milk (home brand) A$1.25/L

not too bad price in japan, considering that food is a little more scarce now than before.

Wendy said...

Well, it is not a broad comparison and I don't think any of these products are particularly sourced from the affected area.

Deb L said...

Banana envy. $13 a kilo here in Melbourne.