22 April, 2011

Celebrating by staying away from the computer

Today I've been busy outside the house, for a change. A prayer meeting, a Bible study with friends and then shopping for birthday presents for my nearly six-year-old! I came home in time to pick him up from school and then race home to prepare dinner for our mission's Japan director and his wife who spent the evening with us checking up on us (otherwise known as a two-year review). 

Oh, and I ran an orange light on my bike - but by the time I got to the other side of the intersection, it was red and nearly knocked over some pedestrians crossing the other way. I must have been living in Japan too long, what what I thinking?

All afternoon I was writing stuff in my head for a blog post or three, but I never got here! The main reason I could be out and about this afternoon was because I'm finished the majority of my responsibility for the Spring edition of Japan Harvest, having sent the last major piece to the layout editor last night.

I was feeling very tired just before dinner. I think that was a combination of post-deadline relief/let down and not eating enough for lunch! Unfortunately, now at 10.30pm I have my second wind. Not good as I was up late night too, after a significant aftershock hit us in bed last night and I had difficulties calming down enough to drop-off.

Nonetheless, sitting at the computer is not a good way to try to get to sleep, so I must say goodnight. But before I go, I just want to give you the opportunity to have a bird's eye view of how Tokyo is different tonight to how it was two months ago - just a little darker. This is a clever time-lapse video. The first two minutes are the best, though. Don't feel you need to watch it to the end.

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