29 April, 2011

Some glimpses of Thursday

I'm exhausted. So here's a few photos from Thursday, instead of me writing much.
This is what I did most of yesterday - took piles of clothes and hung them up or folded them and put them on tables. These are winter coats, every time I went up to the sorting place there seemed to be another huge armful of them. The supply was endless.

Racks and racks of bags of all shapes an sizes. I worked on these a little too.

During the day we had PE classes generously spend their class-time with us in Thrift Shop set-up. Here my son and his friend helping with hanging up jackets (and snow suits).

It was my "baby"'s sixth birthday too. So we had to have a cake and a small family party. This is an ice-cream cake - an echidna (see here). I didn't do it, I worked at Thrift Shop until nearly 6pm. David did the cake - isn't he clever? But it was very easy - one of the easiest we've done.

Here is the birthday boy doing what we do on birthdays - taking to people on the Skype "phone". He's talking to his Nanna (my mum).


Judie S said...

Sucked in!
I followed the link, looking for a cake recipe, & got a Wikipedia article.
Talk about (unrealistic?) expectations!

Judie S said...

Your boys look so BIG!
At the risk of sounding ELDERLY, I remember you before you were married.
It seems so long since I've even seen you! It HAS been a long time, but I still think of you often & pray for you whenever I remember.

Wendy said...

Okay, Judie. This post is a year old! So my boys are even bigger now. But one of these boys isn't mine, the tallest one amongst the clothes. He is my eldest son's good friend and IS quite tall. You aren't so old!