26 April, 2011

A bit down

Still feeling a bit down. Why is it when you're down that things seem to pile up? 

An international magazine published a report I wrote in the week following the earthquake and tsunami - an article I sweated over at a time it wasn't easy to work. The magazine arrived in on Saturday and my report didn't even have my name on it. So disappointed!

Today I was planning to go and have lunch at Starbucks on my own as some "time-out" before life gets busy again tomorrow with our school's Thrift Shop (two days of set-up and two days of selling), but I came down with a headache I couldn't budge this morning. Felt very fuzzy, so I decided to lie down and try to fend it off. It isn't really gone and I need to go to school now. Disappointed.

And a whole lot of other little things just catch in your craw...


Karen said...

Hope you're feeling a little better now. Sorry to hear things aren't so good...praying from here...

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean...feeling a little down myself today. My biggest thing recently is desiring to feel pursued in friendships. I feel like I do a lot of pursuing others and sometimes it's a nice feeling to be pursued by others~to know that I mean something to someone, enough for them to let me know. Anyway...trying not to be discouraged and trying to realize that I can be encouraged BY encouraging and seeking other people out to make them feel appreciated. I want to be a blessing to other people who might be feeling the way I have been feeling lately. Maybe one day, my time will come, eh? =)
Hope your days goes better!!! =) ~Taly

Angela H said...

Hi Wendy, have been in NZ for 18-19 days (got back yesterday). Have been thinking of you...especially when I saw (by accident) a bit of damage from the Christchurch earthquake on the outskirts of Christchurch when travelling to our hotel near airport.

One talks to people in Christchurch and they talk about getting away from there for the weekend, fed up with the aftershocks etc.

Or they talk of people who who freak out when they feel a 4+ earthquake tremor whilst in town...but the Christchurch people say "that's nothing!" and laugh it off. They have been through SO much.

Not sure if your blues are connected at all with post-earthquake but wanted to know I have been thinking of you in connection that anyhow.

Hope you feel better after seeing how many friends respond to your blog post :) ~ ANG XO