04 August, 2017

Stage three of rubbish reform

Back in July I posted about the changes in the rubbish collection procedures in our city. This October we're moving into stage three: plastic bags that we have to pay for to dispose our rubbish in.

Today we received an information packet and four sample bags. Different colours for different types of rubbish. From the left: 
  • Plastic rubbish (except hard, thick plastic), 
  • Burnable rubbish (
  • Unburnable rubbish (most of the stuff that doesn't go in the other two like aerosol cans, 
  • Smaller version (5L) of the burnable rubbish bags.
Other rubbish apparently doesn't go in bags, like tins, PET bottles, batteries, glass. I'll have to get clarification on those. Clean paper rubbish goes out in paper bags, it doesn't look like we have to use special ones for it.

The bags won't be very expensive. With a large, hungry household, the most expensive two below are probably the ones we'll use the most: 40L bags for plastic and burnable rubbish. 80 yen and 40 yen per bag respectively. They'll be bought in rolls of 10.

It all came with a list of all the stores where these rolls could be bought. A lot of stores! Interestingly, though, we can't see our main grocery store on the list.

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